September 13, 2012

Hudson?  Really??

Being a major player in the Boston video market for over 25 years, some prospective clients are surprised that we are not located closer to the city.  Actually, we get a lot of, “Where the heck is Hudson?”  from folks that aren’t familiar with this quaint old mill town.  And from those who do know where it is, we get, “Hudson?  Really?”

With today’s technology, why should our clients foot the bill for expensive real estate in or around Boston?  Most clients choose not to attend the edit, and we deliver most, if not all, of our content through the internet, so it is just not necessary to maintain that expense.  Our (quiet) studio is easy to get to from the Mass Pike and 495, well isolated from any outside noise, and centrally located in metro-west.

It’s really about who we are:  We are proud, not pretentious.  Hopefully, you will choose your messaging partner by their experience and their work, not by what floor they’re on.  Our facility is comfortable, functional, and convenient, providing a conducive location for the creative process.

It’s also about what we appreciate:  We are able to spend quality time with our families instead of commuting.  Our clients appreciate a facility that offers convenience and value, not a view of the $kyline.

Check out our Facility page and judge for yourself, or better yet, take a ride out to visit us.

…Yes, here in Hudson.