July 23, 2012

Well, after quite a while in development, we are pleased to invite everyone to visit our updated web site.  It was quite a process, actually.  We had some internal debates about what to put on the site, what NOT to put on the site, and how MUCH to put on the site.  We don’t sell widgets.  Our product is highly customized and very diverse.  Each client is different and has different needs.  We serve financial institutions, restaurants, corporate training businesses, environmental cleanup organizations, non-profit community organizations, and many others.  We create videos for large international corporations, mom & pop startups, and everything in between.  We produce big-budget glitzy marketing videos and “run and gun” training presentations.  Different industries, different size corporations, different departments, different budgets… just DIFFERENT.  So how do you portray on a website that you can do ANYTHING, without seeming like a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none?  The answer is our key message:  we tell stories, and we do it well. Our clients are the experts in their respective fields; we are the experts at telling their story.

Obviously, our website needed to feature some videos.  From there, it was which ones, how many, and where to put them.  Featuring some on our home page seemed most logical, because, after all, that is what we do:  we are quite “at home” making videos.  So, which ones?  The problem:  with a library of over 25 years worth of work, if you put up too many, a prospective client may feel overwhelmed or come across one that “doesn’t fit what we do.”  If you put up too few, you run the risk of being dismissed because the client may not connect with the content you chose.  We finally decided to feature a few videos and back-stories on our home page, along with a slightly larger collection on our portfolio page.  We settled on a variety of videos that represent different types of clients and different styles of video, but all effectively tell the clients’ story.  Enjoy!

Our diverse library certainly highlights our experience, which is an important benefit to working with StoneMedia.  The problem:  it’s hard to show experience in videos, because it means you’re putting up content that may look dated or out of touch.  In the 80s, the trend was long, elaborate set-ups that entertained the viewer like a sit-com.  We have archives full of “fun” Abbot and Costello type characters showing the right way to stock shelves, carrot munching rabbits leading board meetings, or even talking bagels helping to create a very successful new product launch.  Watching these lengthy videos now, would not impress today’s time and budget savvy trainers.  In the 90’s, MTV drove our attention span down so we have dozens of clips cut at frantic pace keeping the viewer on the edge of his seat (well, as close to the edge as you can expect when learning about sexual harassment).  Again, these videos would seem out of touch with today’s “reality” tv genres.  So, as styles, techniques, and the definition of “current” evolves, our client list & testimonials remain important parts of our site.  Having many relationships with clients that span decades is something that we are very proud of and we value tremendously.  We are happy to report that we also have many, many videos produced over the years in more “classic” styles that are still in use or have been updated occasionally to reflect a change in uniforms, a corporate merger, or some other client-driven transformation.

In addition to videos, we wanted visitors to get a sense of what it means to do business with StoneMedia.  What, besides experience, differentiates us from other providers?  In this arena, one of our assets is our business model.   Because we are a small company, we can be flexible, nimble, and responsive to clients’ needs.  The problem:  some folks may think that bigger means better:  more resources, more equipment, bigger staff.   So, should we try to imply on our website that we are “bigger” than we actually are to attract bigger accounts?  While it may have been true in the past, with the changes in technology, today’s most valuable resources do not have model numbers and buttons, they have names and faces.  We are honored to work with the best of the best free lance professionals in the Boston market.  It has always been the artist, not the brush that paints a masterpiece.  That differentiation is even more critical now that the ability to record, edit, and distribute HD video exists on your smartphone and is literally in the palm of your hand.   Our business model allows us to pair the technology with the artist on an as needed basis delivering tremendous results at a great value.  All that being said, it does become necessary to differentiate ourselves from the “one-man-band” working out of his basement.  Having a professional facility with a green screen studio, enables us to further serve our clients with comfortable space for creating, executing and delivering a high quality product.   Our production capabilities are designed around our clients’ needs, ensuring that their projects meet or exceed their needs and expectations.

So, we are committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with clients by delivering value-driven excellence.  We hope that our website reflects this mission and welcome your feedback.