How does New England’s largest foodservice business maintain top-notch quality standards? With close to 5,000 stores in the US and 40 different countries, Dunkin’ Donuts needed an efficient and effective way to ensure that each of their thousands of employees around the globe would maintain quality-control procedures.


Dunkin’ Donuts partnered with Stone Media Productions to create a comprehensive series of CD-ROMs that would serve as a foundation for subsequent in-person training, while enabling crew members to learn at their own pace. We included live-action demonstrations and scenarios, color graphics and sound, giving learners a vibrant, contemporary, and enjoyable learning experience. We also incorporated self-tests to let managers easily evaluate and verify crew member understanding of critical content points.


Store operators have seen significant increases in the comprehension level of crew members, and decreased training time and associated costs. Several titles in the training series have garnered “Gold Cindy” awards for excellence in interactive training.

Our work with Dunkin’ Donuts has proved so successful, that they have chosen to work with us for over fifteen years. And for the past two years, Dunkin’ Donuts has named Stone Media Productions their “Training Partner of the Year.”